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Respirator Face Fit Testing Serivce

Do you know? Respiratory masks only work effectively if they fit in a way that that creates a tight seal. Properly fitting face masks force air to be drawn through the fabric of the mask. Poorly fitting masks draw air through the gaps around the side. Leaving your crew at risk.

One size doesn’t fit all but we have the solution. Respirator Face Fit Testing.

No matter the industry: medical, construction, manufacturing or industrial, workplace fit testing will help your team’s respiratory personal protection (RPE) do it’s job, so can do theirs, safely.

Our fit testing service can be delivered on site for minimal down time Brisbane | Bundaberg | Mackay

Benefits Fit Testing

Ensures complete seal with face

Disposable or reusable respirator can be tested

Supports training in how to properly wear respirators

 Identifies whether certain respirators are meeting an adequate level of protection

Minimise risk

Right size, right fit

Be assured, our tests are conducted to include personal protective equipment (PPE) each member of your crew use in conjunction with the respirator - ear muffs, safety goggles or prescription glasses and so forth. 

Quantitative and Qualitative Face Fit Testing available - type of testing is usually based on legislative standard, type of respirators and hazardous particle exposure.

What is the difference between Quantitative and Qualitative Face Fit Testing?

Quantitative Face Fit Testing

Quantitative fit testing is for any full face and/or tight-fitting respirator. Portacount is an instrument for measuring the leakage around the face seal of the respirator. This machine provides a numerical value called a fit factor. This number provides an indication as to whether the chosen respirator provides adequate protection for the individual. Quantitative fit testing is considered the gold standard for workers exposed to hazardous particles in the workplace.

Qualitative Face Fit Testing

Qualitative face fit testing is used for workers required to wear a half-mask respirators, disposable paper mask or respirators to cover the nose and mouth. Qualitative fit testing works by detecting leakage of the respirator using your sense of taste and/or smell. It is a pass or fail method that relies heavily on the subjective reports of the individual. 

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