Personal Protection Equipment Vending Machine

PPE Vending

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IQS Solutions PPE Vending Machines facilitate better inventory management, increases OH&S compliance, provides control over PPE access and availability. Whilst providing you in real-time reports for accountability and auditability.

IQS Solutions can:

Supply the Machine(s)

Supply PPE Contents and Stock Fulfilment

Service the Machine

Provide Ongoing Technical Support


  • Manage Allocation of PPE
  • Guarantee the Right PPE for the Right People
  • 24/7 Reliable Access
  • Accountability - Easy Access Auditability
  • Reduced Wastage
  • Move to Demand-based Ordering
  • Increase Workforce Productivity
  • Better Cost Understanding
  • Reduce Obsolete Inventory
  • Access Real-time Stock Totals
  • Individual and/or Department Item Tracking