Absorbent Oil Only 44m x 480mm Roll

Code: 23206
$198.55  (inc GST)

IQS Solutions has a wide range of Spill Solutions for different jobs. No matter the size, location or type of spill we have a product to suit your needs. Our range includes: Absorbent Rolls, Pads, Socks and Pillows.

Each product is designed to absorb a different type of spill and are colour coded so that in any situation your team can easily identify the best solution for the job. Contact us to discuss your Spill Solutions.  

  • White - Oil Only
  • Grey - General Purpose or Universal  
  • Yellow - Chemical

Contact us to discuss your Spill Solutions 

  • Oil-Only pads are ideal for skimming oil off water, wiping down greasy tools and machine parts
  • Dimpled & Perforated
  • Economical for cleaning spills
  • Sticks together even when saturated