All Purpose Absorbent - 22 Litre / 15kg Bag

Code: 2325
$25.63  (inc GST)

All Purpose Absorbent is the cost-effective, quick acting, and natural way to convert potentially harmful liquid pollutants into solids for easy disposal.

Australian developed and made from New Zealand raw materials, All Purpose Absorbent passes stringent international liquid release standards.

An inert mineral-based absorbent, its large surface area enables it to rapidly absorb liquids, and can safely be used on strong acid or alkaline solutions, as well as petroleum and hydrocarbons, oils, solvents, sewage, protein-based fluids, and other messy liquids likely to contaminate the work area and environment.

  • Rapidly encapsulates liquids
  • All-natural mineral base
  • Easy to apply and simple to use
  • Australian made