All Purpose Test Tags Multi-Coloured - Pack Of 100

Code: 20541
$47.52  (inc GST)

  • Used for undertaking quarterly (3 monthly) test and tagging
  • Provided in resealable bag for safekeeping
  • Includes self-laminating flap to protect printed information
  • Made from high strength polyethylene
  • Waterproof and tamper-proof
  • Perfect for both internal and external use (UV Stable)
  • Incorporate the latest low profile design so that they do not protrude and catch on foreign objects
  • Space for: Inspected By, Inspection No., Plant/Item No., License No., Test Date, Next Test Due
  • Complies with AS/NZS 3760 standards
  • Size: 35mm width x 110mm height
  • Pack of 100 Tags (25 x Red, 25 x Green, 25 x Blue, 25 x Yellow)