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Bronzo Deluxe First Aid Kit - Soft Pack

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Bronzo Deluxe First Aid Kit - Soft Pack
Suitable for Vehicles, Offices or Households (<6 Workers)
Contents:1 x Ahesive strips plaastic 72 x 19cm PK50
1 x Amputated parts bag 3 assorted sizes
1 x Assorted fabric strips PK20
2 x Burn gel 3.5g sachet
1 x Cleasing wipe PK10
2 x Combine dressing 10cm x 10cm sterile
1 x Conforming bandage 10cm White
2 x Conforming bandage 2.5cm White
2 x Conforming bandage 5cm White
1 x Conforming bandage heavy 7.5cm Brown
2 x Eye pads sterile PK1
3 x Eye wash sodium chloride
1 x Forceps 13cm steel
3 x Gauze swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm PK3 sterile
2 x Glove packet of 2 Nitrile
1 x Leaflet First Aid Guide
2 x Non-Adherant dressing 10cm x 7.5cm sterile
1 x Non-woven paper tape 1.25cm x 9.1M with dispenser
1 x  Rescue/Thermal blanket silver space
1 x Resuscitation face shield disposable
1 x Safety Pins Pack of 12 assorted
1 x Scissors 13cm Steel Sharp/Blunt
2 x Single ended aplicators 7.5cm x 5 sterile
10 x Splinter probe 4cm disposable
1 x Triangular bandage N/W Disp. 110cm
1 x Wound Closure strip 6 x 75mm PK3
1 x Wound dressing #15 sterile
1 x Green First Aid Bag Medium 28cm x 17cm x 8cm
Size: 28cm L x 17cm W x 8cm H
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