CobbleTac Porcelain Tactile Grey - 300mm x 300mm

Code: 1711-GRY
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The Porcelain tactile guidance products are an ideal permanent choice in new construction applications, where the opportunity exists to incorporate tactile ground surface indicators into pavements, ramps and other thoroughfares.

Manufactured from tough porcelain and UV stable, the Porcelain tactile is a truly cost effective "set-and-forget" option. They will withstand the rigours of high traffic areas and the testing Australian climate without fading, absorbing moisture or changing shape.

For architects, the Porcelain tactile provides a natural appearance while still meeting AS1428 luminance contrast requirements.

  • Manufactured from tough porcelain with a flat grid base to ensure maximum strength and the highest possible level of wear resistance
  • For Internal or external use
  • Use on concrete, bitumen, tiled or paved surfaces and with most other substrates that can be recessed
  • Ideal for high traffic areas; ramps, stairs, bus and tram stops, train platforms and pedestrian crossings
  • Porcelain tactiles must be laid level with the surrounding surface - A 12mm recess must be provided and the tactiles are then laid into this recess using an approved adhesive applied with a suitable square notched trowel
  • Carpet Installation is only possible where an underlay is used and this is achieved by cutting the carpet / underlay away and installing aluminium trim surrounds - Floor traffic should be avoided ideally for 48 hours or at least 24 hours after installation
  • R12 slip resistance exceeds the requirements of AS1428 for pedestrian surfaces
  • Complies to: AS1428:2009 Desig