Diamond Grid Ground Stabilisation and Erosion Control

$20.35  (inc GST)

Diamond Grid surface stabilisation systems are successfully used by leading Mining companies throughout the world to cut costs on surfacing roads, shed floors and any other areas where a solid surface is required for all types of vehicles. Diamond Grid also eliminates the need for on-going maintenance on unsurfaced roads that traditionally require machinery for road repairs on a regular basis.

Our classic grid size is suitable for most rural and domestic applications. Great for areas that require stabilisation and reinforcement. Highly recommended for feed and water troughs, stable floors, muddy areas, day yards, pathways, drains, driveways, golf courses, boat ramps and anywhere needing toughening up on your property or workplace.

900mm W x 560mm L x 40mm H Size

  • 900mm W x 560mm L x 40mm H
  • Wt per grid 3.1 kg
  • Fill ratio per grid 1 cubic metre of fill per 25sqm
  • Permeability 96%

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Diamond Grid Infomation Sheet Brochures Diamond Grid Infomation Sheet