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MEDIQ Heartstart FRX Automated External Defibrillator AED

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The HeartStart FRX is an easy to use Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that can be utilised at any time, by anyone in any type of emergency situation.
Adaptive/clear voice prompts
• Always ready with over 85 daily, weekly, monthly self-tests including Gel Pads testing
• Built in data storage
• CPR assistance with voice prompts
• Dropped tested to 1m
• Easily identified indicator lights
• Easy to use public access device, simple 1,2,3 operation
• Infrared port allows data to be transferred easily
• Pacemaker detection
• Preconnected SMART pads
• Quick Shock technology delivers a shock 10 seconds or less after the end of a CPR pause
• Rugged IP Rating 55: Dust protected, jetting water resistant, perfect for industrial/marine environments
• Will only deliver a shock to patients with a shockable rhythm
• 8 year warranty on unit
• 4 year warranty on battery, with up to 200 shocks
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MEDIQ DEFIB FRX Brochures Automated External Defibrillator