LINQ Tripod Winch 25M

Code: HSTW25
$1408.00  (inc GST)

  • 5.6 x Mechanical Advantage
  • It is to be used for raising or lowering of personnel or material into confined spaces
  • It is equipped with a mounting plate for robust fitting onto the tripod (HSTP29)
  • Maximum lifting length: 25m
  • Corrosion resistant steel body
  • Galvanised Steel Cable, 4.5mm Diameter
  • Exceeds standard EN1496:2006
  • Passed the corrosion test in accordance with ISO 9227:1990 - 24 hours
  • Static Strength: 13.5kN for 3 minutes
  • 203kg test mass can be raised by device without failure following dry and wet conditioning
  • Vertical distance of fall on release of device handle = 0 m
  • Rescue load: 300kg combined weight of rescuer and rescued - 5:1 safety factor applied

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