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Scott Safety Profile2 Half Face Respirator

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  • The Scott Safety Profile2 is a twin filter half face respirator that combines comfort, protection and low through life costs with low breathing resistance
  • Perfectly balanced, user friendly and modern in design, Profile2 accepts the comprehensive range of highly efficient Scott Safety Pro2 gas, particulate and combined filters to provide respiratory protection in a wide variety of applications
  • Large diameter valves create low breathing resistance and reduce wearer fatigue
  • Odourless, lightweight TPE Facepiece is soft and comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Comfortable head harness and neck buckle provide even weight distribution and full support for the mask
  • Easy to fit and adjust, the mask's intuitive donning process promotes high wearer acceptance
  • Latex and silicone-free to ensure no allergic skin reaction or irritation
  • Choice of three sizes with wide faceseal for optimum and efficient fit
  • Low profile and swept back filters provide b