Sleeve-Lok Freestanding Removable Bollard Yellow - 90mm

Code: 14145

  • Widely used for managing vehicle access in restricted areas including industrial sites, parks and gardens and numerous other public space environments
  • Sleeve-Loks use a simple padlock design whereby the cap on the in-ground sleeve is secured to a high strength steel shackle welded onto the bollard
  • Cast aluminium caps and handles finished in a silver grey metallic powder coat
  • Require In-ground sleeves for installation - Available in either Core-Drilled Sleeve (BSL90S-CD) or New Concrete Footing Sleeve (BSL90S-NC) - Sleeves to be ordered Separately
  • Galvanised and powder coated yellow
  • Material: Steel post 90mm diameter with 5mm thick wall
  • Size: 950mm above ground / 200mm below ground