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Equipping The Industry With Top-Tier Arborist Equipment

While tree maintenance is often associated with cutting tools, there is also safety to consider when it comes to ensuring you have the complete kit bag.
IQS Solutions stocks the full range of tree-trimming and maintenance equipment including saws, pruners, loppers, and high-reach equipment, but we also have everything needed to keep you safe on the job.

Back Your Workday With Arborist Supplies That Embrace Safety

We have the full range of protective clothing available, including options that are fire-resistant and others that can deflect chainsaw blades should they happen to slip on the job.
Within our collection, we also have tops and bottoms on offer, as well as a range of arm protectors and chaps for extra protection. IQS Solutions also ensures all of your personal gear needs are covered, including hard hats with face and ear protection, electrical gloves, earplugs and earmuffs, glasses as well as protection against insects, the elements and more.
Our arborist equipment range also includes specialised options, including reliable climbing products like safety lines, ropes and helmets. Additionally, our offering features all of the protective supplies required to secure a job site effectively, as well as ensuring the safety of others. Explore our range of cones, coloured tapes, sprays and signage now.