Mining is the backbone of Australia's economy. An industry of hard working, strong individuals who work tirelessly in challenging conditions. We like to believe our products reflect this same rugged and tough character. 

Our chairs and stools are made of high quality, fibre glass reinforced polypropylene. They are built strong to withstand the rigours of everyday life in commercial environments. They have been tested by CATAS and AFRDI who are industry leading testing agencies to certify these claims, with test reports available.

The surfaces of these chairs and stools are easy to clean and disinfect making them ideal for areas where people may not work in the cleanest of environments. These products are also weather resistant, UV stabilised and come with a standard 5 year warranty, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

To complement our seating we also have a range of table bases and tops. These products, like our chairs, are made by industry leading manufacturers and are proven for their ability to withstand tough commercial conditions. Our range is selected to the highest standards to be tough and durable, ensuring that they will be suitable for many years of use in the mining industry.