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Safe And Effective Commercial Cleaning Supplies

At IQS Solutions, we know that every business (and household) wants cleaning supplies that they can trust. When you are dealing with chemicals you want to ensure that they are completely safe as well as effective.
There are many options on the market these days, but some formulas contain dangerous components like sulphates and parabens, as well as many additives and chemicals that can cause harm through fumes, irritation to the skin. In other cases, they can even present a poison-related hazard. Some options also have a highly attractive price point, but they are typically not effective in getting the job done, resulting in added, unnecessary labour costs.

Discover High-Quality Industrial Cleaning Products

IQS Solutions stocks commercial and industrial cleaning supplies that tick both boxes, with materials that you can rely on to be highly effective while also safe to use in your work environment.
We stock chemicals in bulk sizes that can be used for a range of purposes. All options are non-corrosive, anti-bacterial and will cut through heavy-duty cleaning operations like truck cleaning and more.
From cigarette disposal units to litter pickers, dispensers for hand liquid, wipes, mops, brooms and more – we have you covered.
Safeguarding your environment has never been more important. We give you peace of mind through a range of different hand and surface commercial cleaning supplies that ensure you have a highly sanitised space at all times.

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