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Mining Safety Equipment And Accessories

There are many elements and activities that can be hazardous at a mine site and it is important to ensure all workers are adhering to OHS and compliance regulations to prevent accidents, injuries, or worse.
IQS Solutions has all of the mining safety equipment you need to ensure your operations are safe and compliant. All products are supplied from leading brands and manufacturers, ensuring accordance with all relevant industry standards.

Our Extensive Range Of Mining Safety Products

Our range includes ground stabilisation and erosion control grids to secure your worksite when you need it most. This includes wheel chocks to ensure that all vehicles and other wheeled machinery and tools are stable.
When it comes to lifting and rigging, we have all of the materials you will need to get started –  including durable slings, bow shackles, restraints, ratchet tie-downs, and chain blocks. Add to your collection our large-scale equipment options, including pallet jacks, lifting bins, and platforms.
Mining employees spend a great deal of time in transit, so it is also vital to ensure you have the right tools to keep them safe out on the road as well. To fulfill this need, we also have a full range of mining safety equipment for these contexts. This collection includes vehicle signs and labels for oversized loads and road trains, emergency equipment reflective warning triangles, oversize load flags, and emergency air horns.
We have everything you need to properly secure heavy loads including cargo nets, chains, hooks, restraints, tie-down straps, and more. We also stock all of your security beacons and lighting needs, topping it all off with high-quality rotating amber solutions.

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